Aρτεμις / ARTEMIS.

In Greek Mythology Artemis was the symbol of the crescent moon, one who brings light, nourishes life and fertility.

For Romans in Latin “Luna / Moon means “light”, “the illuminating”. This Latin adjective derived from the root *luc-/luc ( “shine”. “be light”) that also comes from lux ( “light”): lucero, bright star, lumen, luminosity etc. Therefore it is said that the crescent Moon brings light, and the female fertility of cosmos that nourishes and influences the bodies of water and life as a whole. With its harmonious cyclical phase influence.

With this in mind, “Artemis” represents the inner growing light in each of us that expands towards life and others. As the moon influences the movement of the sea tides, we could harmonize our mind and water in our body, to allow us reach and be a reflection of the cosmic force and universal order.