Formed from the term “armos” (armos) which means to join, to combine, to adjust.

In ancient Greece the search for harmony with the whole, was the essence for creating balance in the human soul. seeking for harmony in all areas of development. Plastic arts, music, poetry, architecture, politics, mind and body´s health even with in mathematics.

With this ideas in mind, trying to materialize the ancient Greek meaning., Armonía sculpture was born. Trying to recall with our best efforts knowing our limitations, our place in cosmic order, each one us being an instrument of the Divine force of harmony, which as a wave embraces all that exists. Where the whole is the sum of the parts and each part affects the whole with perfect reciprocity.

Harmony as a goal of relationship between man and the universe that surrounds him. How can we combine, join, adjust to the universe to all beings that surround us in a harmonic way ? With humans, animals, plants, minerals …. Perhaps if we tune our conscious, thoughts, feelings and actions in harmony with the cosmic order, the force that we spread will return in the same way, with the same intensity with which was created within us. Wills action towards good, which emanates from the human soul to its surroundings, joins the existing cosmic order in the universe. Great sages of the past have said, “GIVE ALWAYS, ALL YOU CAN.” Because in giving you are giving it to yourself, we are all part of the same unit.