I believe that living in a system where we are only instruments of the market, we get lost of who we are, we forget our potential; we barely look inside our selves. We get lost of our real necessities as humans beings. The influence of this system on our life can guide us to underdevelopment, chaos, disequilibria, and lack of fulfillment, depression and death of our potential. I resemble our inside where one of the strongest tool we have is our thought, our intelligence, OUR BRAIN which needs to be awaken, which needs to be taught and guided, it needs to be sharp, in order to penetrate in the most profound things of life. It is in our inside that we can transform the out side. Our possible evolution as human beings is in our thought. Man is not only an economic agent, it holds the universe in it self and it needs to develop all its potential, it has to protect the creation he holds inside: the universe, the capacity to love, equilibrium and the infinite possibilities. The out side, the space where we interact has become in some places of earth difficult to survive, some times chaotic, aggressive, deathly, contaminated, and with few resources for the quantity of people. This resembles the obscure side of how we have created our interactions. It is in our inside that we can develop our true potential for good, in our selves, in our decisions, and it is art one of the media that gives a grasp of this potential.