Born  1974 Lives and works with Gerardo Pérez-Verdía Born (1971).

We find ourselves living a very motivating stage where we are completely exposed and open for our essence to emerge and for life to take direction at every moment among thousands and thousands of possibilities. A stage immersed in a dizzying current of instant communication, swinging between great opportunities and great social, environmental, political and economic challenges.

Within this accelerated trend, perhaps as Publio Siro said many years ago (1AC-?): “A Cheerful companion serves you on the journey almost as a vehicle.” Let us be this joyful companion who serves as a driver on our journey. Perhaps through this lens, the world appears to us as a fresh and bright environment. Full of life, energy, fertility, beauty, constructive action, driving us to take every opportunity to learn, to create, to help others, to solve problems, to become better people until the end.
 As a Persian proverb says: “Half of the joy lies in talking about it.” Let’s talk about it with art!

Inés Cusi
Gerardo Pérez-Verdía