I like marbles, their interiors and their colors remind me that we are part of a vast universe. They open my mind to the cosmos, to other worlds, planets, stars, galaxies, spaces far from our eyes. They also teach me about life on our planet, everyday life, the games of children, the games of life.

The marbles return me to my childhood in a small town in Mexico. During the recess and on the way back to my house, there were always groups of children playing, “chiras pelas”, “Cocol”, and many more. When you play marbles in Mexico, you choose your best “Tirito”, your best talent, and you enter the game: you compete, you kill, you lose, you win, you laugh, you cry; “Chiras Pelas”. You’re still in the game until maybe you get bored or lose everything and you better play something else. Is the game of marbles a preparation for the game of life in our system? Is it like the game we have created, in which we live daily in opposite extremes and in which we try to survive? In hard competition, war, poverty, sadness, laughter, joy and victory?

In certain moments I have instant flashes of other ways of living, without entering the game and those moments I think are moments of encounter with my interior and the people that surround me. These elusive seconds I experience when creating, when I am in contact with my interior and then observe what emanates from this space.

For me a sculpture is a way to enter unknown worlds, spaces for us invisible. It is a means by which superior beings and experiences manifest. They are immaterial sensations injected with substance that can be touched, felt and communicated in a universal language from interior to interior.

I was recently taught what love means from the word in spanish ” Amor” a= absence mor = morte = death. Absence of death.

The game that we have created is a bit unbalanced to death, especially in wars, the deterioration of the environment and the threat in which many species of our planet live.

I think we need absence of death, LOVE. Making the Life force grow in our interior, projecting it towards everything that surrounds us. This impulse pushes me to create … create for life.
Inés Cusi