matriz cosmica

In the universe, everything is gestation and birth.

The cosmic womb is the source of universal fertility; it is the space for the gestation and birth of all manifestation in the cosmos.

It is the space in the universe with everything necessary for creation; its intrinsic wisdom combines the nutrients and the temperature necessary for gestation.

At every moment something in the universe is gestating and something is born; galaxies, constellations, stars, planets, moons, life… lots of life.

The gestation emanates from the concentration of energy in a point. Energy that meets at a point to give new light, new life and new manifestations.

Life manifests itself in a cosmic order through a balance with the laws of the universe.

Fertility, the creation of infinite possibilities, therefore diversity exists in a balance that works with universal intelligence.

Man is a creation of the cosmic matrix, he is a manifestation in the microcosm of the macrocosm, he is a reflection of the universe.

The arms of the womb are a portal to a new consciousness in man.

A return to the internal balance of man to live in harmony with the universe of manifestations that surround us. It is the care of our internal and external nature, it is the care of the life that surrounds us.

The sphere is the new light that is in the process of gestation in each one of us. All creation is gestated in the dark. The black sphere, the obsidian, “the smoking mirror” (so called by pre-Hispanic civilizations), is a black glass that allows the passage of light. This is what we are brewing in our minds and it will manifest in our actions today and in the future of humanity as a sum of all individuals.

Ines Cusi