“SINAPSIS ALEGRE / Oraciones por la paz”

( Joyful synapses / Prayers for peace)

The union and bond between neurons, is produced by nerve impulses. This function of brain cells is known as the synapses of the Greek ύναψις [sýnapsis] union, link.

This neuronal activity originates through impulses, desires and mental ideas that our brain and nervous system emit when thinking and carrying out an action, idea or desire. Producing a chemical bond, light or awakening inside our brain.

The constant repetition of an idea and activity forges our daily inclinations and desires, with it we build what we are and our future. Buddha already said we are what we think, everything we are born of our thoughts. This is how Synapses Alegre tries to remind us of the importance of maintaining a repetitive mind of thoughts and feelings of joy, gratitude, kindness, compassion and so this constant repetition will allow us health, love and peace around us.

Each of the strips of paper is the intent of this repetition, with cheerful colors and words of power. It is said that written words emanate the energy around them.