Caribbean Sea, Cozumel Mexico. 2005

For 30 minutes, I collected these objects on a Caribbean beach. Then sort them by color. I also carefully analyzed them. In the background I had the incredible sea of the Caribbean, I could hear its healing and calming sound. Every man-made object carries a great story. Will the pink shoe have been a set with a beautiful party dress? Will it have generated happiness? Was the spaceship a toy for some child who was happy to think that one day he would reach Mars in it? Have the lighter, the different types of bottles, the flip-flops all generated a sense of well-being for us? I definitely think so. The reason for these photos is to show in a non-fatalistic way how important the seas are and also the needs that we have as human beings in which we must give a happy ending to our objects that gave us so much happiness at some point, and not the sad conflicting story of ending in Earth Oceans .